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R 279 000 (13 984 EUR*)

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± 38m2
R 1700  / m


This neat and well looked after 1 bedroom unit (38m²) with an en-suite bathroom, views, separate kitchen, intercom, (undercover parking can be rent or bought separately (when buying – R 80 000)), restaurant (new arrangements were made, see below as UWC bought the one on the first floor at BELA VISTA), library, assisted living facilities, hair salon, emergency call facilities and located to all amenities, can be yours today. You must be 50 years or older (retirement village legislation, regulations and rules apply).

Levies is R 1700 p/m that includes 24/7 security, maintenance of the building, insurance (not including for inside of unit), cleaning of units twice a month, maintenance of fire system, auditor for the financials of the body corporate and Bella Vista. Levy payments are payable in advance by the 1st of the month. Negotiations is on the way for a new regular health clinic or nurses to assist owners at Bella Vista, as the frail care centre were sold to UWC. A hospital, however, is close by Bella Vista.

Latest feedback on Catering:

An Assisted Living and Catering Solution were implemented to all residents of Bella Vista that will aid those residents who require any assistance, care and/or nutrition to ensure a happy and healthy community. Such services will be rendered in a cost-effective manner and for the cost of the resident/user of the services.
A cost effective and nutritious meal to the residents of Bella Vista was also implemented and as a result a company called HFP Catering have been contracted who currently provides services to several retirement facilities and villages.

UWC (University of the Western Cape) has bought some buildings around the retirement centrum, Bella Vista that can increase the value of these units in future. All this buildings that were bought by UWC were revamped. UWC also looks for an additional 1000 m² space to purchase that will uplift Bella Vista and the surroundings in its entirety (Last general meeting and AGM minutes available and financial statements to potential buyers).

Bella Vista was developed in 2005 and used to be the old Bellville Holiday Inn and was converted into a sectional title complex. Bella Vista is made out of residential units (3rd – 12th floor), a common area for residents to socialize (2nd floor), UWC (1st floor), retail outlets (ground floor) and parking in the basement.

• The schedule is on the notice board and maximum allowed time for service.
• Main responsibility:
o clean/vacuum of floors,
o clean bathroom (shower/bath, glass, mirror, tiles, washbasin & toilet) &
o Rooms (dust, mop. Vacuum)
o Loose mats taken out & vacuumed
• Please do not interfere with their task or laid down procedures – discuss with Kallie first.
• Excluded duties: Dishes, making of beds, dusting of shelves packed with or moving of small items (danger of break & time consuming), washing of windows

• The restaurant on the 2nd floor is run by a private Caterer, at its own price.
• Although residents are allowed to prepare their own meals in the units, producing large amounts of food for selling in the complex as a business is a contravention of item (9) & (10.f) & (13) of the conduct rules. (UWC bought this section and a new restaurant area will be developed for owners of Bella Vista.)

• Only on north facing deck.
• Fire braai’s, must be conducted in a safe manner. Notice of such an intended braai, must be advised to Management, with explaining of safety precautions taken, e.g. access to fire extinguisher.
• Only use of charcoal or gas braais allowed (no wood)
• Drums are managed by pre-authorised residents
• Deck slabs must be protected against fat spilling

• Use at all times by resident self – nobody else – recorded for security purposes
• Keep safe – building security jeopardized if it lands in wrong hands.
• Must be returned when residents evacuate permanently
• Do not distract security staff with long private chats – personally or on phone – or have group discussions at security desk – this causes loss of concentration while everybody's security depends on their alertness. REMEMBER THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE TO WATCH ALL SECURITY CAMERAS

Absent book
• Complete when sleeping out/holiday & sign in on return – in case of emergency evacuation.
Security Visitor Book
• Security will phone to enquire if a resident is home, before allowing a visitor to sign in & enter the building.
• A visitor card will be handed, which must be carried at all times.
Maintenance book:
• All requirements to be entered here – NOT verbally to staff. (Except emergency e.g. Tap do not close at all)
• Enquire about any cost involved.
Complaint box (2nd floor):
• ALL complaints must be in writing – first it needs to be written down and if further information is required, you will be contacted.

• Ensure that a duplicate door/gate key(s) is with the Office AND at a friend – for emergency.
• After hour call-out to open locked doors, will be billed locksmith rates.
• Request management to change door lock plate to avoid being "locked-out" – R 15 fee

• Only for goods.
• When moving, use only the goods lift for furniture.

• Represent the Residents at their own meetings
• Serve as contact between Office, Management & Residents
• Observe Residents (needs/illness/new ones) (monitoring) and ensure adhering to rules.
• Convey information to Residents – e.g. Functions , Welcome letter to new Residents

INWONER KOMITEE (Resident Committee)
• Chosen in beginning of the year – for a year – 6 members – Owners & Tenants
• Gather regularly with ALL residents
• Allow open discussions on any matter of public interest. Facilitate and assist with general feedback to the trustees. Also assist with decisions and discussions that need to take place on non-management issues
• Receive requests, investigate problems & solutions, and will approach the Body Corporate Trustees, to consider a suggestion or ask for guidance.

• Ensure that your name & surname appears on your door.
• TV Connection available in Unit (M-Net & DSTV, not Top TV)
• Library – On 2nd floor – open specific times
• Gym room – On 2nd floor – Key signed out at security (to keep track of breakage & theft)
• Store Rooms – Request availability & cost at Office
• Flower box on Garden deck – enquire availability & usage from garden overseer or office.
• Keep all common areas (lounge, lifts) clean – specially over weekends – no cleaners
• Pipe down between 13:00 -14:30 – (to allow for beauty sleep)
• No moving of ANY furniture in 3 main lifts – ONLY in goods lift.
• If out of room (even for short time), hang red rope on door knob – indicates your room is empty – in case of emergency evacuation – saves precious time checking through building.
• Keep "emergency kit" close by at all times (see evacuation)

• Report fire to security – give exact information – KEEP CALM
• If small – try to extinguish fire with extinguisher/fire hose
• In case of evacuation, Security will inform the fire coordinator’s
• Listen attentively – where fire is & instruction of evacuate direction – exit doors number 1 to 4 – and gather point
• Close all windows
• Grab your "emergency kit" torch, wet cloth/towel, medication, critical documents/ID, keys, comfortable shoes, glasses
• Take visitors with you
• Lock your door
• Hang your red rope (room empty) – saves time to check through building
• Move in evacuation direction to fire stairs – NOT lifts – will not work. (Goods lift on manual control – will not react to the button - used by Firemen)
• Always keep left
• Do not run
• Meet coordinator at designated gather point and report present
• Referring to "fire drills" (19.e) and "incapable (19.g) above, act according to your emergency plan.

• Avoid damaged electric cords & goods
• Do not overload electric sockets
• Smokers must exercise extra caution
• Passages & exits must not be blocked
• Always switch off electric goods not in use
• Do not keep gas & inflammable stuff in the building
• Do not keep fire doors open for fresh/cool air

• If interested, enquire from garden overseers / Office
• If you decide to give up your flower box, inform garden overseers / Office.
• Neglected flower boxes, will be withdrawn & handed to a waiting applicant
• You are not allowed to pass your garden "privately" to someone else – request such intention from garden overseers / Office
• Abide by water restriction – Currently only from the 2 tanks installed on deck – this is due to change in June of 2017

• Limited stores available for rent
• Apply at Office – put name on waiting list
• Rent vary from R80 to R200 – according to size

• Available to ALL residents as a LOUNGE - free
• No tee/coffee or eating allowed – only at tables on tiles - Dining room
• Functions for lounge &/or dining room, must be booked at Office (number of people limited.
• Crockery / cloths booked as informed & cleaned afterwards
• Lights must be turned off when leaving
• Furniture must not be moved – left as found.


a. No pets allowed
b. No feeding of birds from windows or on decks due to mess they cause.

a. Each unit must have a rubbish holder to ensure cleanliness inside the unit and prevent breeding of pests.
b. No waste, bread crumbs or cigarette buts, should be thrown out of windows, if caught you will be liable to pay a fine.
c. Wet waste must be wrapped / closed in plastic. Tins & bottles must be empty, cleaned & rinsed.
d. Must be put outside Unit door on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and will be collected between 8-8:30. Over weekends / Public holidays, rubbish must be taken to the basement by yourself.
e. No rubbish must be left at Goods Lift
f. Empty boxes must be folded & dumped in rubbish room yourself.

a. No parking on common property or unauthorised basement parking – can be towed away
b. No oil drips allowed in the basement parking
c. No mechanical repairs allowed in the basement parking
d. Basement parking is on car owner's risk

a. No obstruction/store of furniture on any common area
b. Unit owners are liable for any damage caused by resident, visitors or their employees
c. No marks, paint, nails / screws, aircon, aerials allowed on any part of common property. Safety gate for & alterations to plumbing/electricity in own unit, require prior Trustee approval & requirement must be adhered to...
d. Refer to official Conduct Rules regarding any planned alteration

a. Nothing may be placed on common property that is displeasing or can be viewed from the outside.

a. No notices without Trustee/Management approval or unacceptable in trustee discretion.
b. No notices in lifts without permission from Management.

a. Not any rubbish, food scraps, cigarette butts, matches on common property
b. No feeding of birds from windows or on decks due to mess they cause.

a. No own washing lines or washing visible from outside, anywhere.
b. Use in-house machines on 4/6/10 floors– for residents' own laundry ONLY
c. Only automatic washing powder
d. Remove washing immediately from machines when finished
e. Remove the fluff left in the dryer, yourself.
f. Complete the usage record book
g. Report any breakage of the machines at reception, IMMEDIATELY
h. No heavy washing that can damage the machines, are allowed. (large heavy curtains, duvets, carpets, blankets, etc.)
i. Adhere to closing hours at 20.00 – last cycle at 18:15 to maintain quiet atmosphere.
j. No loud communication in/around the washrooms – respect for nearby residents.
k. Only new R5 coins allowed – available at office

a. No inflammable material or any dangerous acts anywhere in the building.
b. Fire/escape doors must be closed at all times
c. Cooking of large amounts of food on small domestic equipment or using large quantities of oil in the preparation, without legally required safety equipment, could be seen as a dangerous act in case of an accident and is strongly opposed by Trustees.

a. Every resident must comply with both these & the Conduct Rules.
b. Owners must supply both above to tenants & inform them of their obligations
c. Supply copy of rent agreement & ID document to Trustees, BEFORE occupancy
d. No sub-lease by a tenant
e. Every resident to complete the required information sheet
f. Units may only be used for residential dwelling purposes and not for running businesses or business activities.

a. Owners will keep units free of pests, like cockroaches
b. Trustees will enforce this by inspections

a. No act that may cause a nuisance, disturbance or invade ones privacy.
b. Residents are responsible for the behaviour of their visitors & children's actions
c. No noise of any kind above reasonable levels, particularly on Saturdays between 23h00 – 07h00 and otherwise from 22h00 -07h00.
d. No car hooters on premises, unless in emergency
e. No crackers, fireworks or firearms, fired on the premises (unless in self-defense)

a. No sales anywhere in the building other than arranged by Social Committee
b. No vendors, salesmen, beggars or job-hunters on the premises
c. No physical ball games permitted on common property
d. No firearms may be discharged (unless in self-defense)
e. Private braais may not cause nuisance or disturbance and area must be cleaned.
f. No burglar alarms are allowed

a. Visitors must carry their visitors card at all times
b. Day visiting restricted to 7h00 -22h00.
c. PRIOR notification of overnight visitors must be given to nominated person(s) – proof of notification is important - available at office .
d. Visitors are restricted to 2 persons.
e. Sleep-over visiting restricted to 7 days maximum in 6 months

a. Trustees may establish committees to assist them in their task.

a. No abuse of any substance by any person on the premises
b. No smoking in any common area, including passage, stairs & basement.
c. Smoking in units : Passage doors must be closed & windows open & is subject to NO complaints from neighbours of smoke entering their units.
d. Smoking on 2nd floor deck: Law prohibits smoking within 10 meters of any door and it must be closed.

a. Residents are personably responsible to protect their possessions against all threats.
b. Residents are responsible for blockages of drains due to misuse: Fatty food, Hair, anything else than toilet paper in sewerage.
c. Residents shall replace own light bulbs or pay for it if done by staff.
d. Residents must report all required maintenance via the Maintenance Book and not to staff.
e. Only emergency matters may be reported to the staff (Manager)

a. Evaluation of residents by the Building Manager or a medical certificate, is required before occupation, to ensure they are capable to look after themselves.
b. The mental & physical state of residents, shall continuously be evaluated & alternative care must be arranged if needed.
c. No resident under 50 yrs., is allowed.
d. The frail care is privately owned & such services will be for their own cost.
e. Fire drills will be held regularly and everybody must partake.
f. No unsocial behaviour will be tolerated (e.g. prostitution)
g. Referring to (19.e) above: In case of temporary incapable of looking after yourself, e.g.. not able to evacuate by yourself in case of a fire, you will supply the Office with a plan on how you will handle such a crisis. Refer Item (26.L) below.

a. If a vehicle is supplied, it will be used for transporting residents on regular trips.
b. Not for private purposes
c. Residents making use of this service, will contribute financially b.w.o. rates laid down by Trustees.
d. Refer to notice board for routes, procedures & current rules in this regard.
e. Sundry domestic arrangements:
i. Additional cost for deviation from routes
ii. Payment & booking up front at office – NOT to/with driver – receipt will be requested
iii. No appointments between 13:00-14:00 – driver to be back by 15:30
iv. Clinic cards for collection of medicine to be at Office at least the previous day.
v. Sign for receipt of medicine with driver

a. Nobody may reside anywhere else than a residential unit.
b. Salaried or contracted staff, may not be requested to do any task during working hours.
c. Residents may not intervene with employees performing their duties and must co-operate fully with them in doing so.
d. Residents must ensure that none of their guests or employees loiter on common property & that they comply with the Rules.

Residents shall attempt to resolve complaints/disputes, amongst themselves, failing which it must be lodged in writing to Trustees.

Now you can own this affordable unit, phone me today to view this beautiful unit.
Although great care has been taken in collecting this info, neither the agent nor the seller can accept liability for any error or omission.

Sectional titles and homeowners associations: It is also the purchaser/s responsibility to make sure that he/she obtain financial and levy statements from the agent and acquaint him-/her with the information before signing any contract. Nor the agent nor the seller will accept liability for any error, omission or misinterpretation of the financial and levy statements by the purchaser.

All appointments, to view the property, will be made by the agent at a time and date that suit the sellers/tenants.

Dirk Boshoff is the Director of Spiral Sight Properties. Dirk is a successful leader in culture, sport and business related fields. His career achievements include:

Manager and second in charge of the Immigration Department of the Western Province; chairman of High Profile Forums; head negotiator for union members in the Western Province.

He also successfully completed several diplomas, two international (NQF 6) three year diplomas in Personal Management and Labour Relation Management, as well as a degree via UNISA in labour relations management at UNISA (NQF 7).

Some of Dirk’s qualifications:

Cert. Basic Aspects of Documentations (Forensic Science Laboratory, Western Cape)
Cert. Basic Course in the Investigation and Solving of Crime (UNISA)
Cert. Operational Planning and Budgeting (SAMDI)
Cert. Pers. Mng. (NQF 4) & Cert. Training Mng. (NQF 4); (IAC)
Cert. Real Estate (NQF 4); (SETA)
National Cert. REAL ESTATE (NQF 5); (SETA)
MPRE – Master Practitioner in Real Estate (NQF 5)
Dipl. Mkt. Mng. (NQF 5) & Dipl. Rel. Mng. (NQF 5); (IBS)
Int. Dipl. (NQF 6) Pers. Mng. & Int. Dipl. (NQF 6) Lab. Rel. (IAC)

He then went on to complete several courses in the estate agency industry and passed the examination for Estate Agents at the Estate Agency board of South-Africa.
Dirk started in the property business in 2005 as an agent and received the agent of the year award and the passion award in 2005 & 2006 respectively.

Dirk was also the first person of all agents in South Africa to successfully hand in his completed RPL (recognition of Prior Learning) and has been deemed competent by the Assessors to continue doing Business in the Estate Industry. He also completed his National Certificate: REAL ESTATE; Level 5 for Principals. This course is mandatory to all estate agents who want to stay in the industry after 2011. He also passed his MPRE – Master Practitioner in Real Estate (NQF 5) exam successfully.

In insisting him in his work, he also won several photographic competitions nationally and internationally.

Dirk’s favourite words: “If you think you do have the knowledge of something, then you don’t have the knowledge you should have.”

  • 1 Bedroom
  • En-Suite (Bathroom)
  • Open-Plan Lounge
  • Open-Plan Kitchen
  • Intercom
  • Gymnasium
  • Catering
  • Library
  • Hair Salon
  • Emergency Call Facilities in unit
  • Transport Available
  • Braai area for family
  • Hall for dancing and other entertainment
  • Pool table
  • Chappell
  • Elevators
  • New Developments and some already finalised for UWC around Bella Vista

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