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Apartment / Flat For Sale in Bellville, Bellville

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Asking Price : R 428 000 (21 507 EUR*)

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Province:Western Cape City:Bellville Suburb:Bellville Bedrooms:1 Bathrooms:1 Floor Size: ± 32m2 Rates:R 157.56 p/m Levies:R 916 p/m

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  • Dirk Boshoff, estate agent

    Agent : Dirk Boshoff

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This one 1 bedroom flat (in security complex and ground floor) with built-in cupboards, bathroom, kitchen, own parking, security guard on site and located in Parksig Villas can be yours today!
Close to transport and amenities - Mac Donald's, Pick 'n Pay, Sanbel and Sanlam Head office. Phone me today for viewing before it is too late.
Tenants must be given two month notice OR you can take over the rent.
The security of this Complex is also upgraded and can only be entered with a fingerprint of the owner or tenant. This also can be done only with letter from an agent who will confirm that new tenant/owner is moving into a unit with his/her ID. If a vehicle is involved of owner or main tenant, they have to bring their registration papers of vehicle to the main gate to get access and a sticker will be issued the owner of the vehicle that have to be displayed in the window when entering the premises.

Current rental income R 4 500 p/m.


Rules established for the Body Corporate of Parksig Villas Bellville Scheme No. 545/2005 Erf No. 39262 in terms of Section 35 of the Sectional Title No. 95 of 1986, hereinafter referred to as “the Act”. These rules are effective immediately.


1.1 These rules have been drawn up with a view to ensure orderly, pleasant and congenial living conditions and surroundings for all the residents and the protection of the collective interests of PARKSIG VILLAS

1.2 These rules may be added to, amended or repealed by a Special Resolution at a General Meeting of the Body Corporate. Any addition, amendment or revocation shall be of force and effect as soon as the addition, amendment or revocation has been registered in the Deeds Office in terms of section 35 (5) of the Sectional Titles Act hereinafter referred to as the “Act”.

1.3 In terms of section 39 of the Act, all functions and duties of the Body Corporate are performed by the Trustees subject to any restriction imposed or directions given at a General Meeting of owners of sections.

1.4 The reference to BODY CORPORATE / TRUSTEES in these Rules, when relating to the application and enforcement of the Rules, shall include any person carrying out duties on instructions of the Board of Trustees.

1.5 In applying and enforcing these and any other Rules, the Trustees may appoint members of the Body Corporate on sub-committees to assist them.

1.6 Should any dispute arise in the interpretation of these Rules, the person involved in the dispute IRREVOCABALY states that the Rules has been explained to him and that he fully understands the Rules.


2.1 These Rules are and remain the property of the Body Corporate and a copy shall remain in the section when it is vacated.

2.2 Should a set of Rules be lost, the Body Corporate may charge a reasonable fee for its replacement.


The attention of owners and occupiers of sections is especially drawn to rule 68 of the Management Rules contained in the regulations of the Act (Duties of owners and occupiers of sections) and more specifically section 44 of the Act (Duties of owners).


4.1 The attention of all owners is also especially drawn to rule 3 of the Management Rules.

4.2 It is the duty of the Owners to notify the Trustees forthwith of any change of ownership in his / her section and of any mortgage or other dealing in connection with his / her section as specified in section 44 (1) (f) of the Act.

4.3 The Trustees are, charged with maintaining a Register of Owners and Registered Mortgagees of sections and of all other persons who have a real right, together with their addresses, after receiving the information from the owners.


5.1 Owners must supply full particulars of tenants of their sections and any changes as they take place, to the Trustees before such tenants take occupation. This is essential not only for good order, but also to identify who is entitled to be on the premises and use the amenities.

5.2 Owners must also notify the Trustees and keep them informed as to the agent, if any, who does the letting on their behalf.

5.3 Such owners shall fully and clearly instruct their agents as to the said owner’s obligations with respect to these Rules, and shall further instruct their agents that only persons acceptable to and congenial with the Community of the Scheme shall be selected as tenants.


6.1 All tenants of sections and other persons granted rights of occupancy by any owner of the relevant section are obliged to comply with these Conduct Rules, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary contained in any lease or any grant of rights of occupancy.

6.2 Occupants are responsible for the behaviour, acts and omissions of their visitors and shall ensure that such visitors are made aware of, understand and confirm to these Rules.

6.3 Owners shall further ensure that tenants or occupants undertake in writing to abide by the Rules and conditions. The format of the undertaking and the manner of lodging shall from time to time be prescribed by the Trustees.


In the interest of security, occupants are requested to notify the Trustees timeously in advance of third parties who may from time to time be authorised by them to enter their section to effect repairs, deliver or collect goods. In event of such notice not being given, the Trustees may refuse entry.


An occupant shall not store any material, commit or allow to be committed any dangerous act in the section or on the Common Property which will or may increase the rate of premium payable by the Body Corporate on any insurance policy.


Occupants shall not cause or permit any person to act in conflict with these Rules, or permit any act or event, which shall constitute or cause a nuisance or any inconvenience to other occupants or employees or agents employed by the Trustees or any person being lawfully on the premises.


10.1 Reasonable silence must be maintained daily between 22h00 and 07h00.
10.2 On Sundays silence must be maintained throughout.

10.3 Radios, T.V. sets, musical instruments and hi-fi equipment must be used in such a manner not to disturb other occupants or the public.

10.4 Any gathering held in the complex should be contained within the unit at all times. You are to notify your surrounding neighbours 7 days in advance of any social gathering that could cause an inconvenience to them.

10.5 No fireworks or crackers are allowed within the complex.


11.1 Occupants and visitors’ children shall be controlled and supervised in order to avoid damage to the Common Property and inconvenience and distress to other occupants.

11.2 Occupants must ensure that their children do not tamper with electrical switches, taps, post boxes, name plates, trees, plants, adornments and other fittings including garden items.

11.3 Ball games shall not be permitted on the Common Property.

11.4 Children are not allowed to play near or around motor cars parked on the Common Property.

11.5 Skating or the use of skateboards on the Common Property is strictly prohibited.

11.6 When playing on the Common Property, children may not damage the plants or flowers.

11.7 No BB guns, ketties, pellet guns are allowed to be used in the complex.


12.1 No occupant shall park his / her vehicle upon the Common Property, Lawns or permit his / her visitors’ vehicles to be parked upon the Common Property, without consent of the Trustees which approval may not unreasonably be withheld.
12.2 Vehicles are only allowed to park on the allocated parking bays as set out in these rules.

12.3 The Trustees may cause a vehicle to be removed at the risk and expense of the owner of a vehicle, if such vehicle is parked on the Common Property without the Trustees written consent.

12.4 Occupants of sections shall ensure that their vehicles and the vehicles of their visitors and guests do not drip oil or brake fluid on the Common Property or in any other way deface the Common Property.

12.5 Occupants shall not be permitted to dismantle or effect major repairs to any vehicle on any portion of the Common Property.

12.6 No motor wrecks may be kept on the Common Property or on the sidewalks.

12.7 Persons causing, in any manner or form whatsoever, damage to the Common Property, shall be held responsible for the repair of such damage.

12.8 Parking of vehicles in entrances to the Common Property or in areas giving access to garages and causing obstruction by doing so is strictly forbidden. Vehicles so parked may be towed away at risk and expense of the owner thereof.

12.9 Vehicles may only be washed in front of the occupant’s garages or on the allocated parking bays. The use of fire hoses to wash vehicles is strictly forbidden and is subject to a fine as laid down by the City of Cape Town. These areas shall be left clean and tidy. Rubbish removed from vehicles such as cigarette stubs etc., must be deposited in the occupant’s rubbish bin.

12.10 Vehicles may not be driven at a speed in excess of 15 km per hour on the Common Property.

12.11 Vehicles must be driven as quietly as possible on the Common Property.

12.12 Motor hooters or other audible warning devices (excluding burglar alarms) may not be used on the Common property.

12.13 Garages and parking bays shall be kept clean and tidy.

12.14 Should occupants have more than 2 vehicles, additional vehicles may only be parked in areas allocated by the Trustees for that purpose if available.

12.15 Vehicles parked under the No Parking signs will be towed away at the owner’s expense. When receiving visitors, please ensure that they do not use residents’ parking bays, or in any way block entry to parking bays. Non-compliance will result in the vehicles being towed away at the risk and expense of the owner of the vehicle. Only bays marked “Visitors parking” may be utilised.

12.16 No caravans / boats / trailers allowed on the property without written permission from the Trustees and the vehicles may not be parked on the grass.

12.17 Garages to be used for their intended purpose.


13.1 Bicycles, motor cycles, tricycles, roller skates, skate boards, caravans, trailers and boats may not be left anywhere on the Common property.

13.2 Rules 12.1 to 12.4 are also applicable to the articles referred to in rule 13.1.


14.1 An occupant of a section shall not, without prior written consent of the Trustees, erect washing lines, nor hang washing or laundry or any other items on any part of the buildings or the Common Property so as to be visible from outside the buildings or from any other section.

14.2 Washing is hung out at own risk.

14.3 Carpets and rugs shall not be shaken, dusted or brushed outside a section or its exclusive area.


15.1 No TV Antenna shall be attached to the walls of the common property nor
shall it extend through windows unless the prior written approval of the Trustees is obtained.

15.2 Each owner or tenant may install (But Not Without The Consent Of The Trustees) one 60cm or smaller Satellite dish for DSTV reception only. The dish must be installed by a registered installer and must be installed in such a way to cause no disturbance to other residents once installed the dish may not be removed save for replacement. Any dishes installed incorrectly or in such a way to cause a disturbance to other owners will be moved at the owners cost.


16.1 An occupant of a section shall –

16.1.1 within his section or exclusive use area, maintain in a hygienic and dry condition, a receptacle for household refuse;

16.1.2 ensure that before refuse is placed in such receptacle it is securely placed in black bags or other suitable plastic bag, and in the case of tins or other containers, completely drained.

16.1.3 for the purpose of having the refuse removed by the municipal authorities, place such receptacle within the area and at the times designated by the Trustees.

16.2 Rubbish may not be handled contrary to the regulations of the local municipal authority, eg. broken glass must be wrapped in a double layer of newspaper before being disposed of.

16.3 Littering on the Common Property is strictly prohibited.

16.4 Occupants shall ensure that contractors attending to maintenance or improvements to their section on their behalf do no litter on the Common Property.

16.5 Persons leaving rubbish on any part of the Common Property or public areas surrounding the property are liable to prosecution under the Rules.

16.6 No kitchen refuse, food waste, fats or waste of any kind may be thrown or washed down kitchen drainpipes. Occupants shall be responsible for clearing blocked drains in their sections.


17.1 The employees of the Body Corporate shall not be interfered with. They receive orders from the Trustees only.

17.2 No hawkers shall be allowed on the Common Property.

18. PETS

18.1 An occupant of a section shall not, without the prior written consent of the Trustees which approval may not be unreasonable withheld, keep any pet in his/her section or on the Common Property.

18.2 When granting such approval, the Trustees may prescribe any reasonable condition.

18.3 The Trustees may withdraw such approval in the event of any breach of any condition prescribed in terms of rule 18.2 by the owner of the pet.

18.4 Animals shall not be permitted on the Common Property unless carried or leashed.

18.5 Animals shall not be allowed on lawns. Owners of pets shall be responsible for the removal of excrement or refuse left on the Common Property or in private gardens.

18.6 Cat litter trays shall not be left on the Common Property and cat litter shall be sealed in bags before disposal.

18.7 Aviaries and accommodation for other approved pets may not be erected on the Common Property or, if on an exclusive use area, in such a manner as to be conspicuous or offensive to other occupants or the public.

18.8 All cats are to be neutered and a copy of the certificate to be forwarded to Trustees.

18.9 No pets are allowed unless written permission has been granted by the Trustees. Any pets not registered with the Trustees will be considered as stray and will be removed from the complex. All pets are to be registered within one month after receipt of these rules.

18.10 Should you own a pet, you are to ensure your pet remains on your premises and does not hinder your neighbours, i.e. excessive barking.

18.11 Maximum of 1 pet per unit. When selecting a pet, please take into consideration your pets’ needs, i.e. area required for size of pet. Should complaints be received regarding your pet needs not being taken into consideration, same will be reported to the Trustees.

18.12 Owners will be fined R500-00 for the following reasons concerning their pets (This fine will be included with the monthly levy):

• Should their pet be found wandering around the complex unattended and not on a leash.

• Pets fouling the common property and not cleaned by the owner.
• In addition, owners will be liable to pay for any damage caused by their pets.


19.1 Occupants shall ensure that their servants do not cause excessive noise in their section or on the Common Property

19.2 Servants are not allowed to loiter on the Common Property or to remain overnight on any part of the Common Property including Garages.

19.3 Should servants contravene these Rules, the Trustees reserve the right, if justified, to refuse such servant entry to the Common Property after notifying the employer.


20.1 No business, profession or trade may be conducted on the Common Property or in any section without the approval of the Body Corporate.

20.2 No auctions or jumble sales may be held on the Common Property or in any section without the prior written permission of the Trustees.

20.3 Hobbies causing a disturbance or nuisance are prohibited.


21.1 An occupant of a section shall not place or do anything on any part of the Common Property, including patios, stoeps and gardens which, in the discretion of the Trustees, is aesthetically displeasing or undesirable when viewed from the outside of a section.

21.2 Unless authorized by the Trustees in writing, no decorations may be attached to a section. Applications for consent shall be lodged with the Trustees containing full details of the intended work. Work may not proceed before the written consent of the Trustees has been obtained.

21.3 Air-conditioning units shall not be installed in a section unless approved by the Trustees.

21.4 No obstructions shall be placed on walkways or any portion of the Common Property.


Owners shall at all times keep their sections and exclusive use areas in a proper, clean and habitable state and be responsible for the maintenance of the interior paintwork as well as the clearing of blocked drains originating from his/her section, and maintenance of sanitary equipment, all electrical installations and other interior repairs to their units of whatever nature at their own expense.


23.1 Fire-fighting equipment (if applicable) may UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be used for any purpose other than that for which it is intended. Fire extinguishers and fire hoses are not to be used for nay purpose other than that of fighting fires. Any person found using the fire hoses for any other purpose than fire fighting will be liable for prosecution by the fire department but will also be made to pay for the hose to be resealed by the fire department as well as incur a fine of R1000-00 which will be included with the monthly levy.

23.2 UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may occupants tamper with or have work done on the above systems and installations serving the Common Property. Any defects noticed by occupants must be reported to the Trustees.


All gardening on the Common Property and private gardens shall be coordinated by the Trustees.


25.1 An occupant shall not mark, paint, drive nails or screws or the like into, or otherwise damage, or alter, any part of the common property without first obtaining the written consent of the trustees.

25.2 Notwithstanding rule 26.1, an occupant or person authorised by him may install-

25.2.1 any locking device, safety gate, burglar bars or other safety device for the protection of his section; or

25.2.2 Any screen or other device to prevent the entry of animals or insects;
Provided that the Trustees have first approved in writing the nature and design of the device and the manner of its installation.

25.2.3 Security gates must be of the design specified for Parksig

25.3 The Trustees shall be notified timeously of any work of whatever nature which is to be undertaken within or to the interior of any section and which will involve activity on the Common Property or cause inconvenience or disturbance to other occupants. Such work shall be performed only at reasonable times and with the least possible inconvenience and disturbance to other occupants.

25.4 Those persons having such work done and those persons performing it, shall at all times cooperate closely with the Trustees and shall in consultation with the Trustees, ensure that proper and satisfactory measures are continuously taken to adequately protect the Common Property from damage, defacement, disfigurement or defilement.

25.5 Should workmen fail to cooperate they may be prohibited by the Trustees from working on the premises.

25.6 It shall further be the absolute responsibility of those persons having the work done to ensure that the workers implement and follow protective measures at all times and clean up properly after each work session and thoroughly after completion of the project.

25.7 The persons having the work done shall be held liable for costs incurred for cleaning and clearing up or reparations done, should the Common Property be left in a dirty, littered or spoiled condition on completion of such work.

25.8 The above Rules shall mutatis mutandis apply to any work authorised by the Trustees.

25.9 When moving furniture or goods in and out of the complex, those persons
doing so shall be held liable for the cost of repairing such damage done.


No tenant / owner shall place any sign, notice, billboard or advertisement of any kind whatsoever on any part of the Common Property or of a section so as to be visible from outside the section, without first obtaining the written consent of the Trustees.


An owner shall keep his / her section free of mice, rats, cockroaches’ white ants, borer and other wood-destroying insects and to this end shall permit the Trustees, the Managing Agent and their duly authorised agents or employees to enter the section and taking such action as may be reasonably necessary to eradicate such pests. The costs of the inspection and eradicating any such pests as may be found within the section and exclusive use areas, replacement of any woodwork or other material forming part of such section which may be damaged by any such pests, shall be borne by the owner of the section concerned.


28.1 Should occupants disregard any of the Rules, a Warning Letter will be sent to the owner of the section. They may be summoned to appear before a Disciplinary Committee appointed by the Board of Trustees.

28.2 If found guilty by the Disciplinary Committee, a fine of not exceeding
R1000-00 WILL be imposed.

28.3 Should any amount payable to the Body Corporate by an owner or tenant be due and in arrears, interest will accrue at the prime Banking rate prevailing at the time, plus 2% per annum, compounded monthly, from the date the amount became due till the date of receipt of payment. The Trustees may from time to time alter the interest rate provided that such interest rate does not exceed the maximum rate permitted by law.
28.4 Should it be necessary for the Trustees to act against any owner or occupant, such owner or occupant shall be liable for all legal costs, on an attorney and client scale, as well as collection commission and administration costs.


29.1 Water must be used sparingly at all times.

29.2 Non-residents are not allowed to wash their cars on the Common Property or to use water obtained from the complex for this purpose.


To ensure uniformity the Body Corporate is responsible for the painting, maintenance, repairs and replacement of:

30.1 facia boards, gutters, roof tiles and down pipes

30.2 the outside window frames

30.3 gates which border directly on communal property

30.4 the post boxes

30.5 in the event of malicious damage, neglect or problems resulting from work undertaken by the owner or his contractor, the above will remain the full responsibility of the owner.


the garage doors of his section and mechanism thereof

the plastered inside wall surfaces of exclusive use areas: and
repair and maintenance of the geyser (s) in his / her / section: if not covered by the insurance of the Body Corporate and all doors of his / her section.

32. Any owner planning to do any exterior painting must obtain prior written consent from the Trustees with regard to the colour of the paint.

33. a The maximum number of permanent residents (longer than three months) permitted to a unit, will be 2 per bedroom. Should this maximum be exceeded, it will cause additional expenses regarding services such as water, sewerage, refuse removal as well as possible damage to the Common Property. Therefore, the Trustees will be entitled to increase the monthly levy pro rata to the percentage increase in occupants.

34. Any Conduct Rule contained herein, that corresponds to any Management Rule, must be reconcilable with the relevant Management Rule and may only be amended by a unanimous decision of the Body Corporate subject that it remains reconcilable with the relevant Management Rules.

35. The Trustees do not have to send monthly statements to owners. Should an owner become in arrears, only a letter of demand will be served.
36. The cost of warning letters sent to owners, tenants or letting agents will be for the account of the owner
37. In all new Lease Agreements a Clause must be inserted to state as follows.
I the owner hereby irrevocably authorise my letting agent to deduct my levy payments from the rental received and is to be paid over to the Body Corporate on a monthly basis.

Any parking bays not allocated and that are not directly in front of an owners garage door are only to be used for parking motor vehicles. Visitors may use these unallocated parking bays for A PERIOD NOT EXCEEDING 24 HOURS.

1 181 61 189 121 197
2 182 62 190 122 198
3 183 63 191 123 199
4 184 64 192 124 205
5 185 65 193 125 206
6 186 66 194 126 207
7 187 67 195 127 208
8 188 68 196 128 209
9 211 69 215 129 219
10 212 70 216 130 225
11 213 71 217 131 226
12 214 72 218 132 227
13 441 73 445 133 379
14 442 74 446 134 380
15 443 75 447 135 381
16 444 76 448 136 382
17 431 77 435 137 439
18 432 78 436 138 440
19 433 79 437 139 383
20 434 80 438 140 389
21 423 81 427 141 390
22 424 82 428 142 391
23 425 83 429 143 392
24 426 84 430 144 393
25 410 85 414 145 418
26 411 86 415 146 419
27 412 87 416 147 420
28 413 88 417 148 421
29 368 89 372 149 376
30 369 90 373 150 377
31 370 91 374 151 378
32 371 92 375 152 248
33 259 93 267 153 360
34 260 94 268 154 361
35 261 95 274 155 362
36 262 96 275 156 363
37 263 97 276 157 364
38 264 98 357 158 365
39 265 99 358 159 366
40 266 100 359 160 367
41 277 101 349 161 353
42 278 102 350 162 354
43 279 103 351 163 355
44 280 104 352 164 356
45 399 105 403 165 345
46 400 106 404 166 346
47 401 107 298 167 347
48 402 108 422 168 348
49 332 109 340 169 313
50 333 110 341 170 314
51 334 111 342 171 299
52 335 112 343 172 300
53 336 113 344 173 301
54 337 114 310 174 302
55 338 115 311 175 303
56 339 116 312 176 304
57 322 117 326 177 330
58 323 118 327 178 331
59 324 119 328 179 315
60 325 120 329 180 316

Although great care has been taken in collecting this info, neither the agent nor the seller can accept liability for any error or omission.
Sectional titles and homeowners associations: It is also the purchaser/s responsibility to make sure that he/she obtain financial and levy statements from the agent and acquaint him-/her with the information before signing any contract. Nor the agent nor the seller will accept liability for any error, omission or misinterpretation of the financial and levy statements by the purchaser.
All appointments, to view the property, will be made by the agent at a time and date that suit the sellers/tenants.

  • Current rental income R 4 500 p/m